Who Are We

I Love Food! In this space, I am continually sharing new, delightful, (generally) solid plans that I love to make and eat in my genuine, real, consistent life. On the off chance that I wouldn't eat it, all things considered, I will not place it on the blog.

I will likely motivate you with food that is both agreeable AND energizing, regardless of whether you're cooking for yourself, your family, your flat mates, or your companions. I need you to be so amped up for these plans that you enthusiastically anticipate 5pm when you can return home from work and begin cooking.

On a connected note, I totally LOVE seeing the food that you're making. It will fill my heart with joy in the event that you tag @cookinlock in your Instagram photographs and stories! We love to yell out our top choices on Fridays essential food and drink.




At cook in lock , our project is to provide domestic chefs and meals fanatics the talent sets, knowledge, and cultural context to make each meal memorable—without or with a recipe. This method that whether or not we’re publishing a recipe or writing a tale approximately a selected dish or ingredient, we continually need to reply the equal essential questions: Where does it come from? How is it made, and why in that way? And crucially, who're the high-quality humans to reply or in any other case tell the ones questions? Each of our recipes is methodically examined and tasted, again and again again, via way of means of our devoted recipe builders and crosstesters, they all professional culinary professionals. We don’t put up a brand new cook in lock recipe till we’re sure it’s the tastiest model out there, and we’re continuously updating our vintage recipes with new strategies and upgrades primarily based totally on in addition checking out and reader suggestions.

About Me

Hi! I am Komal Singh. I won’t Describe myself as a Foodie. ”Foodie” can be Polarizing & Snobbish for some! For a girl born and brought up in the food capital of India ,Delhi,food has always been the first love! Exploring new restaurants, new dishes and cooking some on my own are things I absolutely love to do. Through this blog, I wish to share my dining and cooking experiences with you all. I’m an Enthusiastic Eater who Enjoys Food.Right from the Iconic Tikkis & Golguppa-Chaats to the Piping Hot Chole Bhature, Pakoras, Spicy Bhel, Kebabs, Paranthas & What Not! – Our City Delhi is a Paradise for the Road Eaters & Street Food Junkies! You Name it & We have it. Food is that one thing which never leaves me alone. When I am happy I eat Spicy food, when I feel weak & sick I go on eating raw fruits, salads and healthy desserts. Just like the best of relationships, food can make me feel fabulous and better yet and helps me to look fabulous too.